Advocating for local parks and recreational facilities!

As a past commissioner for Vacaville Community Services Nolan knows the importance of great local parks for Vacaville families and seniors. He also knows that we need to invest in our parks and expand offerings as our town grows. Nolan will be a champion for local quality of life issues!

Leading as a local volunteer!

Nolan has spent the past decade “on his own time and his own dime” volunteering for Vacaville whether it be leading the Vacaville Public Education Foundation, working on Measures I and M or working with local Boy Scouts Nolan is committed to leading through service in Vacaville!

A Voice for Vacaville Families!

Nolan Sullivan is running for Vacaville Families and Seniors. He has a young family himself and a vested interest in Vacaville’s future!

Deep Roots!

Nolan’s family is 5th generation Vacaville. He has deep roots in our community and is respectful of Vacaville’s past and committed to it’s future.

Vacaville Seniors and Families deserve affordable housing!

The median housing price in Vacaville is $445,000 and the median wage is $72,000. There is a huge disconnect between what housing costs for Vacaville residents and what they can afford. We can do better.

Vacaville Residents deserve good local jobs!

Vacaville is not just a commuter town, it is a town poised to attract major new employers and great paying jobs for it’s residents. Vacaville residents deserve good paying jobs right here at home!