Running for Local Parks and Recreation!

Nolan believes in supporting and maintaining our amazing but aging parks! We need to continue to make sure we keep up our most valuable community resources and that areas without access to parks, senior centers, recreation centers or other amenities are available to all!

Running for Strong Community Connections

Nolan believes all leaders must serve and as a volunteer in various City non-profits over the last decade he knows it is important to support these groups, connect them to the City and roll up his sleeves and volunteer!

Youth Policy Dialogue

Social impact, urban cross-cultural change movements. Activism promising development progress.

World Problem Solving

Time of extraordinary change emergency response, micro-finance dignity giving foundation developing.

Campaign Ad #1

Engage inspiration fight against transformative people lifting. Change relief, for a social process.

Human Experience Sustainable Future

Challenges for global leaders, integrity accessibility. Solve fairness board of directors network.