The Issues:

Nolan is a home grown candidate. He has spent his entire life in Vacaville, graduated from Vacaville Schools and is now raising his family in Vacaville. He has spent the last decade volunteering, serving on public commissions and leading local governments to ensure the Vacaville he grew up in is the same Vacaville future generations are left with. Here are a few of the key issues he is passionate about:

Fiscal Health

Vacaville is in dire fiscal straights and Nolan thinks we need to do more to sound the alarm. Currently Vacaville has $359,000,000 in unfunded liabilities for a variety of different city obligations. We were ranked 441st out of 460 Cities in the State of California for the worst pension funding levels. This is irresponsible to the hundreds of City employees who have dedicate their and their families careers to Vacaville and also jeopardizes vital city services. Liabilities of this nature can quickly lead to massively terrible fiscal situations and even bankruptcy for the City. We don’t have to look far to cities like Vallejo or Stockton to see what debt like this can do.We need City Council members with an eye for red ink who are committed to this city and who will make it a priority to setting a strategy for digging ourselves out of this hole over the next decade. We cannot blame the economy or the fiscal crash of 2008, there are 440 other cities out there who figured out a better way to make this work. We need to replicate their success and hold City Administration and ourselves accountable. I would like to work with council to set the goal of reaching an above average ranking of comparable cities by 2022.

Our City Employees and Residents deserve better.

Public Safety

A healthy and vibrant city has to be safe. Vacaville’s Fire, Police and other emergency services are the cornerstone of our community. They keep crime at bay, defend the city against wildfire, respond to medical emergencies and engage with the community to ensure we all stay safe. This also includes the vital work of city roads crews keeping roads safe to drive on, utilities staff who keep our drinking water safe and treat our waste. Continuing to ensure we attract top quality staff with competitive compensation, providing robust training and supplying the equipment they need to do the job is a top priority for Nolan.

Housing and Community Development

Vacaville is fortunate in the sense that it’s housing market is relatively affordable in comparison to other area markets. This doesn’t mean housing is distributed to all at every price point or that there is enough on the market to continue to provide homes for new home owners. Home ownership is at a low with a little over a third of Vacaville’s residents renting not owning their home. Nolan values smart growth within city limits to keep new housing inventory readily available for new home buyers. This growth must also include housing options across the income spectrum. Homelessness or housing insecurity among low income residents especially seniors in Vacaville is a serious issue and must be addressed. The city must also do whatever it can to keep rents affordable in the face of escalating costs and be mindful of property tax adjustments that impact those on fixed incomes.

Nolan is a big proponent of “Community Development”. A city needs to continue to build and develop its housing stock to produce housing for new families, keeps market prices balanced and create jobs. Nolan wants to ensure that when developing occurs it is done in a way that creates community. He is not entirely pleased with new developments in North Village or along I505. This new housing inventory utilizes inordinately small lot lines to minimize family space and maximize profit. They build “lot parks” often utilizing 1-2 vacant home lots, built by the builder instead of neighborhood city parks. These parks are often far smaller than a city park. They offer less amenities and place inordinate strain on existing city parks to support things like little league, soccer practice or other communal events that need park space as the city grows. In other cases developers promise home buyers neighborhood parks but huge lots sit vacant for years as developers incrementally collect fees to finally build.  Schooling and other community resources were also an afterthought. Many of the residents in North Village’s neighborhood school is Markham Elementary, and while Markham is a fine school it is not within walking or biking distance for residents. In a town with no school busing this creates a huge problem for school children in the area. Lastly, it is a tremendous ways away from community centers, recreational facilities, shopping centers and public transit. If you are going to build hundreds of dwellings in Vacaville you need to think about how you will connect those residents to the community. Every Vacaville family deserves a park their kids can play at, a school they can walk to, easy access to community activities, quick access for emergency response and access to shopping. We missed the mark in many of the new developments in North Vacaville. A great local example is Brown’s Valley, the community was master planned with developers to include multiple parks, a school, public transportation routes, a new firehouse and new retail to support the community. We need to follow past examples for future development.

I am a big proponent of “In-Fill” development and continuing to pursue projects within city limits where there is already infrastructure and available land. We have plenty of land to develop in the city that will drive foot traffic to local businesses and create more high density multi-family low to mid income housing for Vacaville families. A big priority for me is to finish the “East of Main” development to provide more family housing and to bolster foot traffic for Main Street businesses. I would like to work with council to set the goal of increasing our inventory of low to mid income multi family housing in  “in-fill” development projects by 15% by 2022.

I am pro-development, but we need to develop communities not just housing tracts.



Community Services

As a former Community Services Commissioner Nolan knows the amazing programs the city offers for Vacaville families and seniors. These services are vital to our growing families and retirement community’s quality of life. Continued support and advocacy for neighborhood parks, quality community recreation programs, senior services, areas to enjoy our pets and open spaces are vitally needed. These facilities must also be evenly spread across all of our growing city. We need to actively look for recreational opportunities in a closer proximity to new developments in North Village, the Vanden area and upgrade older recreational facilities on the south-side of town.

 Access to High Quality Medical Care

Vacaville has an aging populace with an active and flourishing retirement community. Vacaville has done a spectacular job attracting multiple major hospitals and is relatively well stocked in all sorts of medical provisions. As our community continues to grow and age we need to make sure the supply meets that demand. This includes ongoing upkeep of emergency services to provide quick response times to our residents. Community health variables do leave something to be desired in Vacaville. We have inordinately high child obesity rates and above average rates of hearts disease and diabetes. In addition to high quality medical care we need to continue to help provide healthy options to Vacaville residents including farmers markets, community gardens, bike paths, recreational opportunities, partnership with public health organizations and access to open spaces. Healthy communities are happy communities!

Local Governments Working Together

Nolan served a little under 3 years on the Vacaville Unified School Board. In that time he saw up close and personal that there were pretty limited interactions between city, school district and county staff. As these three local governments regularly interact with the same citizens and often interact in similar areas of service; he knows there is room for massive improvement. By day Nolan works for Yolo County and is intricately aware of the unique ways counties can work with cities and school districts to provide more cost efficient, more effective and less duplicate services to our residents. Our citizens should not have to see two different landscaping crews pull up in a city truck and school district truck to the same school site with an adjacent city park, pull out two separate very costly riding mowers and begin mowing the exact same parcel of land. We can do better.

Local Government Experience with VUSD School Board

One Community

This is a topic only Vacaville residents will really understand. Nolan grew up on the north side of town. He went to north side schools, graduated from Vacaville High School. He now lives and owns a home on the south-side of town. He is keenly aware of the disparate environments on both sides of town. The south side of town needs a voice. Most of Vacaville’s current elected body live in close proximity in the northern more affluent part of town. Nolan would like to represent the needs of growing families on the south-side and to ensure there is parity in services, facilities and resources in all Vacaville neighborhoods.


Vacaville is a town of traditions. Whether you are eating a Paco’s Special at Murillo’s, playing catch at Keating Park, finding that odd plumbing fitting at Pacific ACE Hardware, watching the fiesta days parade or getting your hair cut at Nolan’s grandfather’s shop; Barber Joes, we value our history and the traditions those left before us. I believe in honoring and reinforcing those traditions. Supporting Vacaville’s small business community, especially our multi-generational restaurants, shops and professional services.  Vacaville’s character is based on it’s past and I believe that is something to celebrate and strengthen.


Social Justice

Vacaville is an extremely diverse city. Over 20% of Vacaville residents speak a primary language other than English at home. We come from all walks of life, religions, sexual orientations and cultures. I believe everyone has a place in Vacaville. Vacaville proclaims to be an inclusive family community. Nolan says lets treat our neighbors like family and celebrate our diversity. Every resident of Vacaville should feel included, safe and at home in our city! Nolan believes our city leaders should model exclusivity, sensitivity and celebrate our diversity as one Vacaville community.

A Living Wage

Vacaville has an abundant supply of retail outlets and chain restaurants, these jobs make up 20% of our local workforce. In many cases these do not produce living wage jobs for Vacaville residents. I value all of Vacaville’s businesses and the contributions they make to our local economy but we must continue to attract major employers like Genentech, Kaiser Permanente and Amazon. This also means we must support and embrace our locally grown major employers like Travis Credit Union and NorthBay Healthcare.  We must listen to local business leaders and our Chamber of Commerce to continuously pursue new ways to help existing business grow and to attract new area employers. New businesses in Vacaville must create wages that Vacaville residents can support themselves on. Did you know the average Vacaville resident has a 28 mile commute? Nolan is tired of Vacaville being a “commuter town”, our residents deserve good jobs right here at home!

No one working 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.

Strong Non-Profit Connections

Vacaville has an abundant network of local citizen groups, non-profits and local organizations doing amazing things in Vacaville. Whether it is VPEF supporting our local schools, The Father’s House supporting those in need through the Storehouse, The Opportunity House giving families a second shot at a new life or civic groups like our local Rotaries supporting all sorts of community causes; Nolan believes City leaders should embrace and support these agencies. It is his personal belief that all leaders should serve, and the stronger our non-profit network is, the stronger our overall community is. He will do everything within his power to advocate for resources, provide partnerships with city services and recognize the amazing achievements of our wonderful non-profits.

Vacaville Public Education Experience

Honoring our Military Community

Travis Air Force Base is the economic motor that drives much our city’s commerce, culture and activities. Nolan values our military families for the sacrifice they make for our country and the 9000 veterans who call Vacaville home. Our military families make Vacaville a safe and special place to live. Ongoing positive relations between the base and our city and national advocacy for continued prosperity at Travis AFB are a top priority for Nolan.

Lagoon Valley Developments

Nolan understands that the city and Planning Commission have both already vetted and approved a plan for development of the valley. This plan has been underway for several years and is currently waiting on the developers of this project to hit a series of milestones to begin building. There are several major hurdles to clear before any development happens including a willing developer and $40,000,000 in infrastructure upgrades that developer would need to come up with to start building. Both of these items right now appear to be a non-starter. The city in its current arrangement with the developers of Lagoon Valley have a series of pre-requisites to meet before building. To date these have not been met and the city may have the ability to renegotiate this plan or pull it all together in years to come. As this item is currently in place and there is a structured process, if elected there isn’t a lot Nolan could do to alter the existing plan. He would however do everything he could to ensure the voices of residents, property owners, park users and the community at large continue to have a voice. There is significant amount of public pressure to abort the deal and from a developers view point it is a very difficult project to fund. It should be noted that this project in the Valley came with close to $10,000,000 in funding to upgrade the degrading Lagoon Valley Park next door and lots of other resources in terms of developing infrastructure in the area that is vitally needed (roads, sewer, water and etc.). Upgrading the park is a priority for Nolan and that may not be possible without some form of development in the Valley. Nolan like many others is very fond of Lagoon Valley, he has traversed its trails since he was a child and he hosts the Loop the Lagoon Family run there every year. If elected Nolan would work within the confines of the existing process and if the process fails would not actively solicit any new development in Lagoon Valley.

Green Tree Developments

Nolan understands there is a very strong need to get the development in the vacant Green Tree Golf Course lot underway and done correctly. The vacant lot has impacted property values, quality of life and needs to be addressed expeditiously. Nolan believes the city has a wonderful opportunity to create a multi-use property that includes enhanced services for the Leisure Town Community, more retirement housing and possibly other amenities like a Senior Center, Retail and Transportation hubs to support this existing area. Nolan believe the City must engage the Leisure Town community to develop a comprehensive plan for this portion of town to bolster property values, remove blight and add quality of life amenities to the residents in this part of town. Traffic flow must also be considered with any development in this area.