The Boss – Japhia Sullivan

The real boss. My beautiful wife is the backbone of my campaign. She is 4th generation Vacaville and has been a huge inspiration for why I want to run. Together we are committed to keeping Vacaville the amazing family town it is and to ensure the future for our children is bright. She is my partner, closest adviser and running mate in this race. Her family roots run deep in this town and those roots anchor my race and commitment to this beautiful city. Nolan couldn’t do it without her. Her love and their two sons are the basis for why he is running again. Vacaville is not just a family town, it is his family’s town.

Email: Japhia “The Real Boss” Sullivan

 Creative Director – Eric Ball

Eric Ball is one of Nolan’s oldest friends. He grew up in Vacaville and became an acclaimed graphic designer. Son of local Vacaville Park’s Icon Jim Ball and long time Community Educator Nancy Ball, Eric’s commitment to this campaign and Vacaville is personal. Eric has over 20 years in the design field and is an expert in graphic campaigns, design and marketing!

Email: Eric Ball

Treasurer – Marj Kelly

Marjorie Kelly retired from CA Dept. Soc..Serv. Lives in Leisure Town and enjoys community activities. Serves as a Community Liaison to the Green Tree development project. Active with Rancho Solano and Hiddenbrooke Women’s Golf leagues.

Email: Marj Kelly

 Website and Technology Coordinator – Jeff Anderson

Jeff is a Vacaville native with a knack for technology and a passion for helping non-profits and local issues. Jeff has over 20 years in the technical industry and is an adept coder, website architect and all around great guy. Jeff is the brains behind this beautiful website!!

Email: Jeff Anderson